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Stafford has it all – beautiful natural landscapes, rich heritage, small town charm and unique cultural assets – but it’s our residents that are our greatest asset. There’s a lot to celebrate in this community and the “Stafford Shining Star” program recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments, generosity and contributions of citizens, local businesses, organizations and clubs. This is our chance to say “thank you” to those who perpetuate civic pride, contribute to the development of our community, have realized notable achievements or make Stafford a better place to live.
Stafford Shining Stars

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Stafford Volunteer Fire

Stafford Volunteer Fire

Stafford Volunteer Fire

Stafford Volunteer Fire
Shining Stars

Stafford Volunteer Fire

If you live here, you know Stafford is a great place to call home. Contrary to our borders that span 58-square miles, our Town remains close-knit with citizens who freely give their free time to make positive contributions to benefit the surrounding community. While many are deserving of recognition, among the most dedicated are the volunteers of Stafford Fire Department No. 1 and West Stafford Fire Department. Established in 1934 and 1946 respectively, each Department is supported 100% by volunteers; the loyalty and services they provide us are boundless.

Together, just over 100 active volunteer firefighters perform duties to ensure residents are protected from fires, threats, accidents, medical emergencies, and catastrophes. The Departments are trained and responsible for handling a myriad of emergencies, including structural and wildlife fire suppression, hazardous material incidents, water rescue emergencies, service calls, search and rescue, vehicle extrication, basic life support, first response, and more. Additionally, our firefighters volunteer for non-emergency functions including hours of training/education, fundraising, participation in community events, safety and fire prevention education, and equipment maintenance oversight. As members of Tolland County Mutual Aid System, their expertise is extended to sixteen towns encompassing twenty-three emergency service organizations within Tolland, Windham, and Hartford Counties, as well as bordering counties in Massachusetts.

The sense of personal responsibility, bravery and care this group possesses for Stafford is nothing short of remarkable - a courageousness that’s demonstrated each day. Both physically and psychologically challenging, they risk their own personal safety to aid and save each and every one of us when needed. Despite increased demands of time, emergency call volume, training requirements and more, a predominant number of our local firefighters have fostered a lifelong connection with volunteering in emergency services. With some serving upwards to twenty and thirty years, their social and civic commitment is extraordinary. Similarly, the tradition of fire service is a family legacy in these Departments, and continues to be a proud distinction passed from generation to generation.

“As a community, we are incredibly fortunate to have this unrelenting group of men and women protecting our Town,” says Selectman Mary Mitta. “From late night calls to missed holidays, personal risk and sacrificed family time, these brave volunteers deserve the highest appreciation for their dedication and selflessness to our community. When we need them they are there, without expectation of personal gain, payment or recognition. Their courage to assume this perilous job is incredible - and without exception - these volunteer firefighters are true heroes of Stafford.”

Volunteers of Stafford Fire Department No. 1 and West Stafford Fire Department are true champions of our community, each rooted in the true spirit of public duty; the value of their service is incalculable. To our volunteer firefighters and their families - thank you for your continued and invaluable role in protecting our lives and property, you are a true Shining Star here in Stafford, Connecticut.

If you would like to make a donation in support of our local Departments, get involved or join the effort as a volunteer firefighter - contact - Stafford Fire Department No. at (860) 684-3612 or staffordfire.org; West Stafford Fire Department at (860) 684-3695 or wsfd44.org

Warren Memorial Town Hall • 1 Main Street • Primary Department Hours: M-W: 8-4:30, Th: 8-6:30

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