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On Saturday 08/06/2016, in the area of Sunset Ridge, Laurel Lane, and Deepwood Drive, a skunk was euthanized after coming into possible contact with a dog and was submitted for rabies testing.  On 08/09/2016, the results came back as positive for rabies.  The dog in question WAS up to date with its rabies vaccination and was taken to its veterinarian and administered a booster vaccination.  Stafford Animal Control would like to remind residents that any dog or cat over three months of age must be vaccinated for rabies, as well as any livestock as recommended by a veterinarian.  Should a resident find wounds of unknown origin on their animal, please contact your Veterinarian for a booster vaccination and medical treatment.  Should a resident find a wild animal acting out of the ordinary DO NOT APPROACH IT.  Please call Animal Control @ 860-684-2382 and leave a message, then call Stafford police @ 860-684-3777, so that they may contact the Animal Control Officer or dispatch a Police Officer to assess the situation.

Following please find clinical signs of rabies as copied from the State of Connecticut Rabies Protocol Manual:


Clinical signs of rabies in animals include fever, loss of appetite, excessive
irritability, unusual vocalization, change in behavior, restlessness, jumping at noises,
trouble walking, excess salivation, tremors, convulsions, paralysis, stupors or
unprovoked aggression. Rabies usually begins subtly, with pet owners first noticing that
their animal goes off its food and just "doesn't seem right". The animal may then
become restless and irritable, have a "strange look in its eyes" and make funny sounding
cries or barks. As the disease progresses, nervous system signs become more obvious
with tremors appearing, difficult walking and swallowing, and even convulsions and
paralysis developing. Affected animals may or may not try to bite or show other signs of aggression.
If your pet begins to show any of these signs, notify the local Animal Control
Officer and seek the care and advice of a veterinarian. Separate your animal from other animals and humans immediately.

Please contact your local animal control officer or the State Veterinarian if you have any questions about this notice.

Any person that knows of an animal that has come into contact with a wild animal or has a wound/s of unknown origin should contact their veterinarian.


All dogs and cats three (3) months of age or older must be vaccinated for rabies. Failure to do so will result in a $ 136.00 fine.

All dogs six (6) months of age or older must be licensed. Failure to do so will result in a $ 75.00 fine.

Should you come across any sick or injured wildlife, or you are attacked by a wild animal, immediately call 911 or contact Animal Control @ 860-684-2382