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Social Services

Social Services

General Information

Contacts: Grace Parrow - Director
Jennifer Strong - Social Services Assistant
Location: 3 Buckley Highway
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
Phone: (860) 684-7752
Fax: (860) 684-0784
Hours: Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 6:30pm

Social Services Happenings and Information

Winter Heating Assistance 2020/2021 Season


The first day for deliveries of fuel is scheduled for November 15th, 2020

Required Documentation for Energy Assistance Appointments:

Identity- Name, birth date, and Social Security number for EACH member of the household, plus an ID for each

Income - Gross income for EACH household member over 18 for the 4 consecutive weeks immediately prior to the date of application. 

Bring all that apply: 

Pay stubs, self-employment worksheet
unemployment printout
SS, SSI, SSDI (benefit letter if not direct deposited to your bank account)
Cash assistance and/or food stamps benefit statement
Current pension statement or VA letter
Child support and/or alimony documents
Documentation of rental income

Housing" Current lease or rent receipt with landlord contact info or current mortgage statement.

Utility " Current Eversource bill; all pages

Assets -ALL pages from the most recent (the statement date cannot be more than 29 days before the application date) bank account statements for EACH household member over 18 showing bank name, customer name(s), account numbers, all transactions, and beginning and ending balances.  NOTE:Any deposits over $100 that are NOT from a source of income MUST be accounted for.  

**Your income and asset documentation must be from the dates of the four weeks before your appointment date**

Due to the new system of phone appointments, please email documents to OR drop them off in an envelope marked “Jenn Strong Energy Assistance” at least one day prior to your appointment.  ALL documents must be submitted before your application will be approved.

I will do my best to make this new process as smooth as possible. Please be sure to be in a quiet area and if you are using a cell phone for the appointment and that there is a good connection.  

Thank you for your flexibility in advance,

Jenn Strong

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Salvation Army Services
Stafford Social Services is a member of the Upper Tolland County Service Unit of the Salvation Army, which includes the towns of Ellington, Stafford, Tolland, Vernon, and Willington.  Stafford Social Services can request Salvation Army funds for some essential needs on a limited basis.  All other avenues for assistance must have been exhausted first.

In addition to emergency funds, the Salvation Army also assists each year with the Back-to-School Program, and offers a summer camp, Camp CONNRI, for which we coordinate the applications for Stafford residents.

the office also has information about the Salvation Army's emergency shelter and residential substance abuse program.
Information and Resources

Stafford Social Services has information available in the office for other resources that might be available to you.  Topics include:

Legal assistance

Additional energy resources through CRT, Warming Families Makes Cents, and Joe4Oil

Food insecurity: Flo's Friendship Kitchen, additional Foodshare sites, SafeNet Food Cupboard

Housing: Louis Management, CRT Affordable Housing and Family Shelter, Salvation Army Marshall House, other area shelters, eviction/foreclosure prevention programs

Budget worksheets

Medical: UCONN dental clinics, home health aide referral sheet

Counseling/substance abuse: information on Stafford Family Services, Natchaug Hospital, CHR, Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, area AA, Al-Anon, and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, The Network Against Domestic Abuse

Information on how to start the application process for Social Security Disability
Benefits Screening and Assistance with Filing for Programs
Stafford Social Services conducts benefits screening for Stafford residents to determine qualification for local, state, or federal assistance programs such as Care4Kids, CEAP, CHAP, HUSKY Insurance, Medicare Savings Plans, Operation Fuel, SAGA, SNAP (food stamps), Soldiers, Sailors, & Marine Fund, TANF, and Title 19.

Clients who are determined to be eligible can make an appointment for assistance with filling out the necessary forms.  Call (860)684-7752 to make an appointment.
Eversource Income Documentation
Stafford Social Services is an intake site for Stafford residents who need to document their household income in order to qualify for winter protection, payment arrangements, or assistance programs from Eversource.

Required documentation for intake:

Identity - state issued ID or birth certificate for each member of the household

Income - Gross income for EACH household member who is 18 or older for the 4 consecutive weeks immediately prior to your application, such as:

Pay stubs, self-employment worksheet or unemployment printout
SS, SSI, SSDI, cash assistance and/or food stamps benefit statement

Pension statement or VA letter

Child support and/or alimony documents or rental income

Utility - Eversource bill

Assets - All pages from the most recent bank account statements for each household member who is 18 or older showing bank name, customer name(s), account numbers, all transactions, and beginning and ending balances.  Savings passbooks must also be brought in.
Holiday and Back-to-School Programs
Stafford Social Services is the coordinating agency for holiday and back to school programs.  We work with Santa's Toy Box, the Lions Club, the Knights of Columbus, the Salvation Army, the local scouts, and local corporations, businesses, schools, churches, and individuals to coordinate local holiday efforts, including Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.  Social Services also runs a Back-to-School program at the end of the summer to help families in need to prepare their students for the new school year.

Those wishing to participate by donating may call the office for ideas and drop off schedules.  Those wishing to apply for assistance will be asked to fill out a screening form.  Call 860-684-7752 for information.
Stafford Community Thrift Shop
2 River Rd. #101, Stafford Springs, CT 06076
Phone: (860) 684-6121

The Stafford Community Thrift Shop is located in the Cooley Mill Building across the railroad tracks from the town hall.  Parking is available at the Eagle Mart Convenience Store parking lot across the street.

The Stafford Area Community Thrift Shop has been proudly serving the community since 1972. Volunteers donate their time, and all of the proceeds are returned to the community.  They support the Stafford Emergency Food Bank, and partner with Stafford Social Services to help provide for some of the needs of income-eligible families.

The thrift shop accepts clean, gently used clothing, small furniture, and household items.

Hours are:
Monday      9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Tuesday     9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Wednesday   9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Thursday    9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Friday      9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Saturday    10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Sunday      CLOSED
2021 Holiday Program
Stafford Social Services 


Applications are ready, and can be downloaded from the town website or picked up at the Stafford Community Center.  The deadline to apply is Monday, December 6th, 2021.

The applicant must be a Stafford resident and have primary custody of all children on the application. Minimum income requirements apply.  Documentation of SNAP benefits, Husky Ins., or Energy Assistance can be used to qualify.  Otherwise, current income documentation is required.  Please give a phone number that has working voicemail, and for meal assistance, your mailing address.

Your gift assistance may be in the form of gift cards or toys. Meal assistance may be gift cards or meal baskets.  Call Grace at 684-3906 or Jenn at 684-7752 with any questions.


Stafford Social Services LATE toy application for 2021.pdf
2021 Dinner application.jpg
Transportation Services for Senior and Disabled Residents

Curbside transportation service is available to seniors and disabled Stafford residents.

Bus Transportation: *NOTE* - all riders are still required to wear a mask while riding public transportation, regardless of vaccination status.  Currently we are offering at least one out-of-town shopping trip per month to a location that offers access to groceries and other items.  Examples of trips we might run include the Aldi's/Ocean State Job Lot Plaza in Enfield, or an area Walmart.  Our driver/attendant is able to assist with putting groceries on and off the bus as well.

The medical transportation car is available for appointments Monday through Thursday. the driver/attendant will pick up the client at their private residence and transport them to their medical appointments.  After the appointment, the client is returned home.  If the client requires a prescription, we can sometimes fit in a pharmacy stop before returning the client home.  Check with the driver; if her schedule permits, it can be done.  The driver travels to doctors, hospitals, and clinics in Somers, Enfield, Stafford, Willington, Tolland, Vernon, Willimantic, Rockville, Manchester, and South Windsor. We recommend that as soon as the client is aware of their appointment, they call the office at (860) 684-7752 to book their ride.  If the time is already booked with another client, we can suggest another time that may be available.  *There is currently a barrier between the front and back seat of the vehicle and we only take more than one rider if they are from the same household, so riders are not required to wear a mask.

Many of our clients enjoy these services because they are no longer able to drive.  Others enjoy maintaining their independence by not having to rely on children or relatives for rides to the store.  Often times, clients are not comfortable driving in winter weather, but need to get their weekly errands done. This is a free service for Stafford seniors and disabled persons.

Interested parties should call 684-7752 for additional information and to schedule your ride.