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Licenses & Permits

Licenses & Permits

Dog Licenses

Town of Stafford Dog Licensing
Dog Licensing

Per Connecticut General Statutes, all dogs must be licensed at the age of 6 months. Newly obtained dogs age 6 months or older, must be licensed within 30 days of new ownership.
When purchasing a dog license, a rabies certificate and a spayed/neutered certificate (if applicable) must be shown in order for a license to be issued.  Licenses are renewed annually within the month of June.

When licensing your dog by mail, please send your certificate of rabies and the spay/neuter certificate along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your tags.

Please feel free to utilize the Town of Stafford Drop Box located on the side of the town hall.

Dog license form is available to download here.

Dog Licensing Fees

Spayed/Neutered $8.00
Male / Female  (not spayed or neutered) $19.00
Transfer from another Connecticut Town $.50
Lost tag replacement $.50

Liquor Permits

Town of Stafford Liquor Permits
Liquor Permits

Liquor Permits that have been granted or renewed by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection must be filed by the Permittee with the Town Clerk in the town where the place of business described on the permit is situated.

Liquor Permits are NOT in effect until filed, stamped, and authorized for business with the Town Clerk.

The permittee shall frame the permit in a conspicuous place in any room where the permitted sales are to be carried out.

Filing Fee  $20.00

Sportsman Licenses

Town of Stafford Sportsman Licenses
Sportsman Licenses

Sportsman licenses may be purchased in the Town Clerk's Office. Please refer to the State of Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection website for current license fees. Sports licenses are valid for a calendar year from January to December.  Fishing licenses are available to anyone age 16 and over.  Children under age 16 may fish with a licensed adult. Trout Season is now year-round in Connecticut. All species begins in April on the second Saturday.

The following Permits are only available from the State of Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. Applications are available in the Town Clerk's Office or online. Please return all applications to the DEEP.

  • Application for Free Landowner Permit to Hunt Deer
  • Application for Free Landowner Permit to Hunt Turkeys

Trade Name Registration

Town of Stafford Trade Name Certificates
Connecticut State Law requires that anyone conducting business under an assumed name (DBA), must file a Trade Name Certificate in the Town Clerk's office in the town where business is being conducted.

All persons who are authorized to sign on behalf of the business must sign their name on the Trade Name Certificate in front of a Notary Public.

The Town Clerk will also refer you to the Zoning Official for signature. If you buy, rent, plan to build, or plan to work out of a physical property for your business, make sure it conforms to local zoning requirements.  Neighborhoods are generally zoned for either commercial or residential use. Zoning laws can restrict or entirely ban specific kinds of business from operating in an area.

Additionally, if you are planning to work out of a rented property, it is recommended that you clear your plans with the property owner.

If operations cease under the initial trade name, or a trade name has changed, a Trade Name Cancellation must be filed.  All initial signers of the Trade Name Certificate must sign the cancellation.

Please note that a trade name certificate does not protect that business name from use by someone else.

Corporations, LLC's, LLP's, and LP's are not required to file a DBA.

Trade Name Certificates
and Trade Name Cancellations are available under online forms on the Stafford Town Clerk's Page.

Both forms require notarization.

Trade Name Certificate filing:    $10.00   
Trade Name Change / Cancellation: no fee

For more information regarding opening a new business, check the Secretary of the State website at: