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Recreation Commission

Recreation Commission


David G. Bachiochi, Chairman
Tyler Hanna
Thomas F. Topping, Jr
H. Blake Hatch
Todd Levesque
William Utermarck
Jose L. Scarpa
Matt Martel

Board Happenings and Information

Recreation Commission Reporting Guidelines for Program Administrators
Programs in the Town of Stafford that are listed on the "Stafford Recreation Commission Budget Expenditure Report" will adhere to the following guidelines. All reports and documentation described below will be submitted to the Recreation Director. In the absence of a Recreation Director, the Board of Selectman shall appoint an interim person to oversee these guidelines. Any new organization that wants to get started is encouraged to contact the Recreation Director and will adhere to the following guidelines:
Stafford Recreation Commission Activities Expense Justification
Programs in the Town of Stafford that receive funds from the Stafford Recreation Commission will follow these guidelines for spending and reporting on the use of these funds. All monies given to support Stafford Recreational programs are to be used to help defray the cost of direct operational expenses. Operational expenses include equipment necessary for activity participation (baseball helmets, footballs, basketballs, goals), any apparatus for safety purposes (helmets, pads), fees for officials, referees or umpires, and expenses directly associated with securing the venue for the activity (gym time, lighting costs).