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Town of Stafford selected to receive a $25,000 snow plowing grant from Domino's via their campaign!

Town of Stafford selected to receive a $25,000 snow plowing grant from Domino's via their campaign!

is Plowing for Pizza in Stafford: Snowy Roads Shouldn’t Get in the Way of Carrying Out Hot Pizza
The world’s largest pizza company is helping cities clear wintry streets across the country

Stafford, CT Jan. 24, 2024 — Domino’s believes nothing should stand in the way of carrying out a hot delicious pizza in Stafford, including snowy, cold weather. In an effort to go above and beyond for pizza lovers across the country, Domino’s is awarding half a million dollars across 20 cities to support snow plowing efforts so that carryout customers can have access to hot pizza, even on the coldest, snowiest days. As part of this national initiative, the city of Stafford has been selected to receive a $25,000 snow plowing grant.

Stafford has been selected to receive this grant from an open call for nominations by the public via, where users submit nominations with a zip code and email address. Grant offers are made based on a cluster of nominated zip codes surrounding a municipality where snowfall tends to be plentiful. The presence of a Domino’s store in the area is also considered. As a chosen municipality, Stafford will be listed on the Plowing for Pizza website, which will also feature images and footage from other plowing locations across the country.

“At Domino's we've made delivery cars with warming ovens built in, paved roads to get your pizza home smoothly in perfect, hot condition, and offered pizza insurance for when that goes awry,” said Joe Jordan, Domino’s president of U.S. and global services. "To us, nothing should stand in the way of getting a delicious pizza, including snowy, cold weather. So yes—you heard it right: a pizza company is actually helping to plow roads.”

The Stafford community will not only get funds to pay for clearing snow on wintry days, they will also get a winter-themed Domino’s Plowing for Pizza kit, including winter hats, scarves, snow measuring stick and sign, vehicle magnets and other themed items, including $200 in Domino’s gift cards, so plow drivers can warm up with hot pizza after a cold, hard day of work.

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