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Summer Rec Camp - Donations Needed

Summer Rec Camp - Donations Needed

A message from the Summer Recreation Director: 

Summer Camp Title

Stafford Rec Camp is looking for some donated items for upcoming projects and activities.
We are reaching out to our community looking for the following household items:

  • 5 Gallon Buckets (We use these for mixing, picking up and washing our messy projects as well as for water games. We have some but need more.)
  • Old Light-Colored Sheets/Fabric (We will be making capes out of them; the sheets do not need to be in pristine condition.)
  • Old Crayons (Can be old and broken, we are melting them down to make solar rainbow crayons, so any condition is A-OK with us!)
  • Small Jars w/Lids (Baby food jars would be perfect or about that size.)
  • Old Magazines (We need a lot of magazines or old books with cool pictures for our collage projects. Please just books and magazines with pictures/pictures appropriate for children such as art, history, science, travel, sports, gardening, birding, cooking related publications, anything with interesting pictures we can cut out!)
  • Clean Plastic Bottles w/ Lids (Can be any size, they are for multiple projects. EX. Soda bottles, water bottle, any vessel that is clear, smooth and has a lid! Can be any shape or size. Smart Water bottle or ones like that would be awesome)
  • Cardboard Rolls (Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and sort of cardboard tube!)
  • Cookie Cutters, Big Mixing Bowls & Rolling Pins (We use items like this for various projects; clay, play dough, slim, etc.)
  • Fishing Gear: Tackle boxes, bobbers, hooks, nets, needle nose pliers; just some more of the basics.
  • Craft Supplies: We welcome any materials you are no longer using! Yarn, beads, stamps, etc.!

If you happen to have any of these items and you no longer need them, or you would just be recycling them anyway we appreciate your support by your donation! You can bring these items to Staffordville Lake during Rec Camp hours; Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm or call (860) 983-4026 for pick up arrangements. Thank you for your generosity!

Donation Request Flyer