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ARPA Commission

ARPA Commission

Stafford American Rescue Plan Act Commission (ARPA) Commission
To help oversee funds and prioritize projects, the Stafford Board of Selectman formed the ARPA Commission. The Commission will work hand-in-hand with the community to hear from residents, small businesses, and community stakeholders on how these funds from the ARPA should be used. Additionally, the Town will pursue additional funding opportunities that will become available through ARPA and any additional relief legislation.

The Commission consists of town staff, officials, and community members, who were appointed by the Board of Selectmen in accordance with the requirements of C.G.S. Sec. 9-167a

The Commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities: a) The Commission shall be the Grant Administrator for the ARPA funds. b) The Commission shall develop a multi-year spending plan. c) The Commission shall encourage, facilitate and solicit input from the community. d) The Commission shall educate the public via a hosted presentation and ARPA Fund updates. e) The Commission shall identify projects among categories of eligible use and follow current procurement procedure ordinances. f) The Commission will be responsible for appropriate use of funds, shall create internal local controls, shall document expenditures, and be subject to audit.

Committee Members
Richard Hartenstein, Chairman
David Bachiochi
Cathy Cannon
Sgt. James Desso
Steve Geryk
William Morrison
Sergeant Joseph Strogoff #140
Karen Troiano
Amber Wakley
John T. Lund

Compliance Reports: 
SLFRF Compliance Report - Project & Expenditure Report 2023
SLFRF Compliance Report - Project & Expenditure Report 2022